Wine Availability by Store

Looking for fruit wine and fruit wine smoothies at your nearest fruit wine store?
See a list of the wines we carry at our New Orleans location below.

New Orleans Fruit Wines

Amato White Muscadine
Amato Red Muscadine
Ponchartrain Vineyards Dah Red
Ponchartrain Vineyards Voodoo Zinfandel
Ponchartrain Vineyards Roux St.Louis
Ponchartrain Port of New Orleans
FOG Key Limen
FOG Dry Blueberry
FOG Honey wine
FOG Hurricane Cat 5
FOG Florida Fever
FOG White Gold
FOG Black Gold Dry
FOG Blk Gold Semisweet
FOG Mango Mamma
FOG Charonge
FOG Port: Mango
FOG Port: Black and Blue 
Murielle Winery Bing Cherry Cabernet
Murielle Winery Black Raspberry Merlot
Murille Winery Blueberry Pinot Noir
Murielle Winery Green Apple Reisling
Murielle Winery Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc
Murielle Winery Peach Apricot Chardonnay
Murielle Winery Passion Fruit White Zinfandel
Murielle Winery Simply Key Lime
Murielle Winery Blushing Dragonfruit
Murielle Winery Tropical Storm
Murielle Winery Pom Pom
Murielle Winery Cran Berry
Murielle Winery Three Berry Shiraz
Murielle Winery Simply Key Lime
Murielle Winery Iced Style Wine
Murielle Sweet Sunset Red
St James Sweet Mango
St James Sweet Peach
St James Sweet Raspb
St James Sweet Strawbry
St James Sweet Blkbry
St James Sweet Bluebry
St James Velvet Red
St James Velvet White
St James Sweet Cherry
Sweet Bitch Spkling
Sweet Bitch Moscato Rose
Sweet Bitch Chardonnay
Sweet Bitch Pinot Grigio
Sweet Bitch Shiraz
Sweet Bitch Merlot

New Orleans Smoothie Mixes

NOLA Hurricane
Mango Madness
Pinot Colada
Strawberry Delight
Key Lime
Peachy Passion

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