Tired of Daiquiris? Try a Wine Smoothie!

A delicious and refreshing alternative to a daiquiri.

Light and Refreshing

wine smoothie

Red Raspberry, Blue Sangria, Pineapple Coconut… These flavors will conjure up the sights and sounds of a tropical beach. Wine smoothies are a lighter alternative to daiquiris, and NOLA Tropical Winery’s smoothie mixes offer a range of combinations for the perfect frozen drink.

Make a Wine Smoothie at Home

Wine smoothies are easy to make at home. We carry a variety of wine smoothie blends you can mix with our fruit wines to create unique tropical flavors. Combine smoothie mix, wine, fresh fruit, and ice in a blender and you have a perfectly delicious frozen drink. Pick up a mix and some fruit wine at our Winery in New Orleans or order online.

Why Are Fruit Wines Better?

They are refreshing, delicious, and tannin-free!

Explore the world of fruit wines for a whole new wine-tasting experience.

Some benefits of fruit wine:

fruit wines, wine alternative

  • A range of unique flavors
  • Approachable taste
  • Pairs better with lighter foods
  • No bitterness
  • No hangover

No Hangover??

Yes, that’s right! Because fruit wines are not made with grapes, they do not contain tannic acid or sulfites, key culprits of traditional wines’ bitter taste and nasty hangovers. Fruit wines are also low in headache-causing histamines. If you avoid traditional wines for these reasons, try fruit wine!

Award-winning Flavors at NOLA Tropical Winery

We have more than 40 varieties of fruit wine at our New Orleans location. The fruit wines we carry are artfully crafted using a range of berries, citrus, and tropical fruits like mango, kiwi, orange, and pomegranate. Fruit wines are not always heavy and sweet. Our wines are light, crisp, and luscious.